Our Story

This is a story all about how.

Our lives got flipped, turned upside-down.

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there.

We’ll tell you how we became high school sweethearts from a town called Boulder.

It’s rare to hear of high school sweethearts these days, but we are proud to say we are.

The story began when Danny attended Erin’s Sweet 16 party (he was invited by the friend she was co-hosting the party with). Much to his sadness, she has no recollection of him being there. One would think that these two just weren’t meant to be, but the next summer it all turned around. The two started talking at a summer retreat for a school program called “Link Leaders”. They hit it off and continued talking throughout the summer. Erin wished Danny a happy birthday on Facebook and that post was the only one that received a custom thank you.

When it came time for homecoming junior year, Danny knew he wanted to ask Erin. Danny asked Erin to meet him at his car after school one day. Danny was extremely nervous as Erin walked right by his car heading for the bus. Danny chased her down, running like a lifeguard from Bay Watch (in Danny’s own words) and intercepted her before she got on the bus. He asked her to the dance and she ecstatically¬†accepted.

The next weekend, the two went on their first date.  They walked down Pearl street, and Danny, being the hopeless romantic that he is, treated Erin to dinner at the fine dining establishment, Chipotle. The two still attend the restaurant to this day. At the end of the date, Danny asked Erin to officially go out and she nervously agreed.

A mere 7 and-a-half years later, Danny decided to pop the question. His New Year’s resolution in 2016 was to ask Erin to marry him, and he began concocting an intricate plan. On April 2nd Erin had plans to see her good friend, Steph, who she was told was coming home to celebrate her birthday with her family. Danny seemed nervous all morning and kept telling Erin that he needed to go wash his car. Once Steph arrived, she and Erin went to lunch and Steph took Erin to get her nails done while Danny went to “wash his car”. While on a walk later that afternoon, Erin received multiple texts from Danny telling her to check out a website that Charlie had made of their dog, Pearl. Erin looked at the website (misspearlthepup.com if you’re interested) and found a video. The video included Danny telling Erin to meet him at the top of Folsom Field (CU’s Football Stadium) and that it “is not what you think it is”. Erin immediately freaked out. Steph took her to the stadium and up to the rooftop deck looking over the flatirons where Erin found Danny’s laptop. On the laptop was a video Danny had made of their close friends congratulating them and expressing their excitement. When the video was over, Erin turned around and Danny was standing on the deck. He got down on one knee, and the rest is history!

Go Buffs!